699 LA Car Rental

699 LA car rental provides rental cars for short term and long-term rentals. All customers have to be 18 years of age with driving experience of two years. For those renting under the age of 25 they must have a credit card and liability insurance or full coverage insurance that covers rented vehicles. This is actually a good policy as most car rental agencies do not rent vehicles to those under the age of 25 or have similar policies. Those renting under the age of 25 will be charged an underage fee as well.

Locations of 600 car rental agencies

699 LA car rental is a California company only offered in California. The company does not have locations in any other state so one way rentals out of state is not an option. The 699 LA car rental is for those needing a vehicle while visiting Los Angeles or the surrounding area.

The locations of 699 rental agencies include:

Vehicles offered by 699 LA

699 LA car rental has various categories for their car rentals including an economy like a Kia Rio, compact like Chevy Aveo, intermediate such as a Kia Spectra, Standard like Chevy Cobalt, compact wagon such as the Chevy HHR, full size like the Pontiac Grand Prix, convertible such as the Chrysler Sebring, premium convertible like the Ford Mustang or Chrysler Sebring, Specialty such as the PT Cruiser, and the 7 passenger van like the Town & Country.

Example of prices by 699 in LA

699 LA car rental offers various prices for their customers. The deals offered at this time are an economy car basic rate per day for $6.99, basic weekly rate of $49.99 preferred daily for $18.99 and preferred weekly for $131.93.

For the compact car the basic rate per day is $9.99, basic weekly rates of $69.99, preferred daily rate of $19.99 and preferred weekly rate of $138.36.

For the intermediate car offered by 699 LA car rental, the basic rate per day is $12.99 with a weekly rate of $89.99. Preferred rates are daily $$21.78 and $148.83 weekly.

Standard car rates are daily $15.99, preferred $26.91 and weekly rates are $105.99, preferred $168.86.

699 LA car rental rates for the compact wagon line offering a Chevy HHR or other comparable vehicle include daily basic rate for $17.99 per day and $125.99 per week, with preferred rates being $29.83 per day and $199.78 weekly.

The full size line offers the Pontiac Grand Prix for a base price $19.99 per week and a weekly rate of $118.99 with preferred rates being $36.99 daily and $217.56 weekly.

Convertible car base rates from 699 LA car rental are $19.99 per day and weekly for $139.99. Preferred rates daily are $36.99 and $248.88 weekly.

Premium Convertible rates are only offered under their preferred service at $58.73 per day and $343.48 weekly.

Specialty cars like the PT Cruiser are available from 699 LA car rental for $17.99 daily and $125.99 weekly with preferred rates at $29.83 daily and weekly for $199.78.

The 7 Passenger Van line offered by 699 LA car rental rates are $29.99 per day or $198.33 weekly with preferred rates at $58.38 and $338.67 weekly.


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