Car Rental Restrictions

As you begin your search for vehicle to rent while visiting Los Angeles, you should learn more about the LA car rental restrictions. Every car rental agency has their own restrictions; however, practically each one has an age requirement as well as geographic areas that are not allowed to be visited while renting one of their vehicles. These are very important to learn as you may find that you will have to pay large extra fees or other penalties if you do not abide by the policy and the LA car rental restrictions.

Car rental age restrictions

One of the most common LA car rental restrictions is a person’s age. Most will not rent to anyone under the age of 25 or over the age of 70. The few that do rent their cars to persons that are not in this age range often have to pay higher surcharges or a penalty will be added at the time of drop off.

A few car rental agencies will allow younger drivers usage of the vehicle as long as it is for business purposes. To ensure you understand the age requirements, you should read the policy completely before signing.

Car rental geographic restrictions

One of the most controversial LA car rental restrictions is geographic. If you rent a car in California to travel around LA, you may not have any issues at all; however, if you plan to take a trip to another state, you may be charged huge penalties. Many car rental agencies only allow their customers to drive in the state they rented the vehicle or a few neighboring states. You can in most cases, if you wish to visit adjacent states you can ask for an extension on your contract.

Other car rental companies have restrictions on traveling to Canada or Mexico. A few do allow traveling into both countries however; there are insurance issues that are required.

Example of LA car rental restrictions

Thrifty has LA car rental restrictions like not only the ones above but the contract also lists items the car cannot be used for under prohibited uses.

The list includes:

Avis also has very different LA car rental restrictions, which includes that no one between the ages of 21 and 24 can rent a luxury, specialty, minivan, passenger van, full size SUV, or premium SUV. All vehicles must be rented for at least 24 hours; there are no hourly rates available. Avis does allow traveling to other states; however, they may have restrictions on the drop off location.

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