LA Hourly Car Rental

Most agencies do not offer LA hourly car rental except for the new program provided for by Hertz. Connect by Hertz offers hourly car rental in various cities across the nation.

The cities include:

The good news is that the company provides LA hourly car rental.

What you can expect from hourly car rental by Hertz

With the Hertz program, customers can join free which entitles them to rent by either the day or the hour. They also receive 24 hour 7 days a week access to vehicles, insurance, recharging, and gas is included, with 180 miles per every 24 hours is allowed. The company offers both luxury and green cars as well as one way and round trip services.

How the hourly car rental by Hertz works

The process is simple. All you have to do is apply for membership online and then you can reserve your car at any time. When you are ready to pick up the car, you only have to swipe your membership card on the reader that is found on the windshield, which will unlock the doors. When you are ready to drop off the car is to take it to the location you have chosen and leave it there.

Hourly car rental by Hertz history

The program began at the end of 2008 and is a membership that allows customers to pay as you go. The program in the beginning was only found in 22 cities including London, Paris, and New York City. Today, the program is known as Hertz on Demand and offers 700 cars in more than 500 locations. The program is also found in five other countries besides the United States, which includes France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Green options for hourly car rental

Hertz offers electric cars for those that are energy conscience. The most common vehicle found for LA hourly car rental through Hertz is the Nissan Leaf. The vehicle offers plenty of room and can go from 70 to 100 miles from only one charge. With the Hertz program, recharging is free of charge, so you will only need to learn where you need to go to recharge the vehicle. Hertz also offers a member care center that will provide you with information in case you need to go farther and are worried about recharging the vehicle.

Other options of LA hourly rentals

Most car rental agencies will charge you the daily price for a vehicle and do not offer any cheaper options. You can find a few good deals for daily rates if you plan to use the car locally, but the discounts are always changing so it would be best to contact them to learn more. If you know you only need a vehicle for a couple of hours, then Hertz would be the way to go.

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