Car Rental LA

There are several different LA car rental agencies. Since Los Angeles is a very large city, you can find your choice of many different options with it comes to car rentals. You will find large well-known LA car rental agencies that can be found nationwide as well as smaller family owned businesses.

Before you head out to a LA car rental company, it would be in your best interest to learn a bit more about what is available in the way of costs, vehicles, and even if you can find some deals on renting. Whether you need a vehicle for only a couple of days or for several months, you will be able to find the LA car rental company offering just what you need.

Car Rental Agencies in LA

As you begin your search for a LA car rental agency, you can rest assured you will find national companies including Enterprise, Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty. Of course, there are many others that offer a wide array of car rental options.

A few of the other options include:

You will need to check with each LA car rental agency to learn their rules and policies, as they are not the same. You may be able to rent a truck, a car, or even a camper offering better options and less expensive if, you check out the companies before you make your final decision.

Car Rental price Comparisons

Enterprise offers an economy car for $34.99 per day, a compact for $35.99 per day, an intermediate for $36.99 per day, a standard for $39.99 per day, full size for $41.99 per day, premium for $45.99 per day, and a luxury for $69.99 per day. This is for a one-day LA car rental. They also offer minivans, SUV’s, and pickup trucks.

Hertz offers various vehicles with different payment options that can save the customer money. The Kia Rio or other economy car is $70.49 per day if you pay later or $63.44 if you pay the day you rent. The Toyota Corolla or intermediate car is $77.49 if you pay later or $69.74 if you pay the day you rent. The Chevrolet Malibu or other full size car is $78.49 if you pay later or $70.64 if you pay the day you rent.

Deals on Car Rentals in LA

As you can see by the two examples above you will find a wide range of prices and even a few deals out there for your LA car rental. To learn more about Hertz and Enterprise you can visit their respective websites at or

If you prefer a luxury car from a LA car rental company that only offers luxury vehicles you may want to check out of course, the cost is more expensive, however, when you are talking about cars like the BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, or Maserati, even a small price cut is a deal.

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