Long Term Car Rental

Long term car rental is often the best way to go for those that need a vehicle for at least 30 days or more. Most car rental agencies offer discounts for customers that need long term car rentals even though some have restrictions.

Companies offering monthly  or longer car rental

Most car rental agencies offer long term car rental even though they may only offer rentals for 30 days while others offer longer term rentals.

A few examples of long term car rentals

These are just a few of the major companies offering long term car rentals, most offer monthly rentals of some type.

Examples of deals available for long term car rental

Alamo is offering $25 off weekly for long term car rentals via Travelocity. Avis has a deal for 15% on their weekly rentals when reserved online. Budget has more than one offer at this time. One offers 10% for weekly rentals or on intermediate car class you can save $20 off weekly rates, and if you rent for more than 60 days you can receive $50 off or receive an upgrade. Enterprise has a weekend special, which starts at $9.99 per day. Thrifty is offering 5% savings when you book online.

Comparison of long term car rentals

For comparison purposes we use picking up and dropping off the long term car rental at Los Angeles International Airport. The pick up date is January 9 with a return date of June 8, 2012. Remember these are just examples and prices can change as well as availability.
Enterprise offers an economy car for $649 per month for a total amount of $4,090, a full size for $732 per month for a total of $4,579.77, and a luxury class car for $1,190 per month for a total of $7,447.87.

Budget has an economy 2/4 door car for a total rate of $3,196.12, a standard 2/4 door for a total of $3,644.09, or a premium 2/4 door for a total of $,056.82.

Avis has a subcompact such as a Chevrolet Aveo for a total of $3,608.85, a compact like a Chevrolet Cobalt for $3,649.12, standard like a Ford Fusion for $4,056.82, or a specialty car like the Infiniti G25 for $7,383.92.

Remember these are only examples, you will want to check on the dates you wish to pick up and drop off the vehicle. The prices will be different according to your location and the company you choose. Each agency offers various deals for their long-term car rental services including some restrictions. You may find that you are only allowed to use the vehicle locally while others may allow visiting neighboring states. In order to find the best deals for long-term car rental you can use such websites as Travelocity, CarRental.com, and Hotwire.

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