Miday LA Car Rental

Miday LA car rental offers a wide selection of vehicles and rental options. In order to rent a vehicle you must have a valid driver’s license, credit card, and proof of insurance if you are not using the companies insurance. Miday LA car rental agency does have age requirements. For standard cars the age requirement is 21, while for luxury cars, 15 passenger vans, 7 seater SUV, specialty vehicles, and cube trucks the age requirement is 25 or older.

Los Angeles locations of Miday

Miday LA car rental offers several convenient locations across Los Angeles and one at Los Angeles International Airport.

The locations include:

The LAX office is not an in-terminal counter. Miday LA car rental offers a shuttle to take customers to the LAX office, which is about one mile from the terminal. You can still find the shuttle very easily at the airport with the marked signs for rental car shuttles.

Vehicles available at Miday in Los Angeles

Vehicles available by Miday LA car rental are placed into groups, which include standard, convertible, hybrid-specialty, SUV, luxury, exotic, vans, and their platinum collection. Within the standard group, you will find economy cars, compact like a Suzuki SX4, intermediate such as a Toyota Corolla, standard like a Ford Fusion, full size such as a Camry or Accord, and in premium, you will find vehicles like the Volvo S40, Toyota Avalon, and the Volvo wagon.

A few of the cars you will find in the convertible line up are the Audi A5 convertible, BMW Z4 2011, Camaro convertible 2SS, Ferrari California, and the Ford Mustang GT convertible, to name a few.

Miday LA car rental offers seven vehicles under the hybrid-specialty category, which includes the Chevy Volt, Fiat 500, Mini Cooper, Lexus RX450H, Mini Countryman, Toyota Prius Hybrid, and the Mini Cooper convertible.

In the SUV category, you will find such names as Audi, BMW, Toyota, Sequoias, Suburban, Ford, and Jeep.

Of course, the above is only a few of the vehicles available from Miday LA car rental. They have a very extensive list of vehicles under each category to fit the needs of a single person, a couple, large family, or even a business group.

Illustration of prices

At Miday LA car rental, you will find some great deals offered on many of the various vehicles available. For the example we will use picking up and dropping off at the Los Angeles Airport and the age of the driver being 25 or older.

For an economy car the base price is $18.45 per day, compact is $11.61 per day, premium is $41.38 per day, Mustang convertible for $47.53 per day, Fiat 500 for $93.75 per day, Jeep Wrangler Sport for $93.75 per day, Hyundai Genesis 2012 for $93.75 per day, Volvo C30 2011 for 112.49 per day, and Toyota Sequoia for 186.25 per day.

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