Car Rental Lafayette LA

Car rental in Lafayette LA offers many different choices. The most popular location to obtain your rental car is at the Lafayette Regional airport; however, there are other locations around the city. If Lafayette Louisiana is on your to do list, you will want to learn more about the options available for rental cars when you first arrive at the airport.

Lafayette Regional Car rental agencies

You will find major agencies for your car rental in Lafayette LA including Avis, Alamo, Budget, National, Hertz, and Enterprise. If you wish to make a reservation, you can call each company via their 800 number prior to arriving. Their numbers are Avis - 800-331-1212, Alamo - 800-327-9633, Budget - 800-527-0700, National - 800-328-4567, Hertz - 800-654-3131, and Enterprise - 800-736-8222.

These are the only car rental agencies mentioned on the Lafayette Regional Airport at this time.

Car rental in terminal or shuttle

When you arrive at the airport not every car rental in Lafayette LA offers in terminal offices. At the Lafayette Regional Airport, you will find in-terminal car rental companies that offers a rental car counter with the car available in the airport terminal or companies offering shuttles with a rental car counter and the car available off the terminal with a shuttle service provided to the counter as well as the rental.

Since these companies offer either shuttle or in-terminal, obtaining your car rental in Lafayette LA will be one of the easiest decisions you will make while visiting.

Car rental in Lafayette price comparison

In order to know which of the companies will provide the best deals you have to compare their prices. The following car rental in Lafayette LA prices was correct at the time of this writing for a weekly rental.

Economy cars are often the less expensive cars and are in high demand. The prices for economy cars include Enterprise for $143.76, Alamo for $148.92, and National for $149.78, Budget for $147.99, Avis for $149.99, and Hertz for $219.49.

Compact cars are also very popular. The prices for compact car rental in Lafayette LA are Enterprise for $143.77, Alamo for $148.92, National for $149.78, Budget for $147.99, Avis for $149.99, and Hertz for $225.49.

Car rental Lafayette LA for mid size car prices include Enterprise for $179.93, Alamo for $187.38, Budget for $185.99, National for $190.77, Avis for 190.99, and Hertz for $231.49.

Premium car rental in Lafayette LA prices include Alamo for $404.41, Avis for $419.99, Budget for $404.99, and National for $419.78.

For those looking for car rental in Lafayette LA for more or less days, you can rest assured you can find some great deals. Enterprise offers economy cars daily for $34.63, Alamo at $35.00, and Budget at $34.99. You can also find other models via Enterprise such as compact for $36.60, mid-size for $36.62, and standard for $73.10. Hertz offers an economy for $39.39 per day, compact for $41.49 per day, and a mid-size for $42.49 per day.

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