Car Rentals In Shreveport LA

For those visiting Shreveport LA there are several different options for car rentals. You can find car rentals in Shreveport LA at the Shreveport Regional Airport as well as other locations around town. If you happen to be arriving to the airport, you will find that reserving a vehicle in advance will make picking up your car rentals in Shreveport LA an easy task. When you drop off the vehicle at the airport, you will return it to the same parking lot.

Shreveport Regional Agencies

The car rentals in Shreveport LA you can find at the airport are through six car rental agencies. Each company has a booth found at the southern end of the new terminal. All rental cars are parked in the lot to the southern end of the terminal. The car rental agencies include Avis (318) 631-1839, Budget (318) 636-3846, Enterprise (318) 631-8999, Hertz (318) 636-1212, National (318) 636-2734, and Thrifty (318) 621-8500.

car rental locations around Shreveport

If you prefer to pick up your car rentals in Shreveport LA at a different location besides the Shreveport LA Regional Airport, you will find there are several different locations offering rental cars. The most popular pick up and drop off location is at the airport, however, there are a few other companies as well as those listed above that offer alternative addresses.

A few of the locations include:

Car rental prices in Shreveport

The following examples are for those that wish to obtain and take their rental back to the Shreveport Regional Airport. All prices are for one day’s rental in the month of January. All prices are examples and may not be exact at the time of rental.
Since these are the most popular car rentals in Shreveport LA found at the Shreveport Regional Airport mentioned above, we used their prices for comparisons. Of course, the prices will more than likely be different if you choose an off terminal location for your pick up and drop off.

Avis car rentals in Shreveport LA are as follows full size/$184, midsize/$174, standard/$184, compact/$164, and economy/$162.

Budget car rentals in Shreveport LA offers a standard/$195, midsize/$185, economy/$165, full size $200, and compact/$175.

Enterprise offers in their car rentals in Shreveport LA line up standard/$178.17, mini van/$474.97, compact/$158.40, economy/$156.21, full size/$178.17, midsize/$164.33, premium/$355.96, Standard SUV/$279.43, full size SUV/$524.98, and midsize SUV/$276.74.

Hertz car rentals include economy/$163.49, midsize/$175.49, full size/$185.49, standard/$185.49, and standard SUV/$283.49.

National offers a variety of car rentals in Shreveport LA including standard/$1181.45, mini van/$475, midsize/$171.45, compact/$161.45, full size SUV/$525, full size car/$181.45, economy/$159.45, standard SUV/$279.45, midsize SUV/$279.45, and premium/$375.

Thrifty offers special car (compact or larger)/$159.07, economy/$1157.99, midsize/$166.99, compact/$163.99, full size/$182.99, standard SUV/$309.99, premium/$359.99, and standard/$180.99.

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